Anchor Small Beer

I really like this beer. Anchor’s small beer is crisp, light, and refreshing, but also a bit bold in its bitterness. Brewed by remashing their barleywine mash, this ale presents a surprising amount of bitterness and a very pleasant, well-integrated aroma. It is a light gold in color, with a hint of amber, and carries a good amount of body for a ‘second pressing.’ Honestly, in taste, I feel that this ale stands awfully near the fence between ale and lager (especially czeck pilsners). That trait adds a very pleasant drinkability to the small beer. In fact, you might try offering one of these up to a Coors or Budweiser drinking friend in another failed attempt to help them improve the quality of their life by broadening their beer horizon. Or just save it for yourself. No harm done. I suppose that this probably isn’t the ideal winter beer, but come summer I hope to see your Camel Backs loaded full of this quenching liquid.