watch the monkey push the button

At this time I will attempt to put fotos on the interweb.

Update: looks like I need to do a bit of cropping…you can see the whole picture by viewing it in a new window in the meantime. Of course, I’m on a German Mac right now, so who knows what y’all back home are seeing. (more) sorry, I’m going to need help to figure out the annoying kodak foto editor in German, so y’all will have to deal with odd views of the pics unless you view the whole thing (I’m seeing just the far left edge of the pics here).

This is a shot of me and a big Czech dude getting beers during the Czech Ghana game in Cologne.
Me and a big Czech dude

This is a shot of me and an Iranian Guy during the Iran game, again in Cologne.
Dear George Bush...(watch more soccer)

These are all Italian fans during the USA vs Italy game in which we outplayed them after being a man down.
Some Italian fans

And these are a few USA fans (just about all of us…there were probably 20 scattered among the 10000 or so Italian fans).
and some USA fans

This is at the Mexico vs. Angola game (0-0). Note the lack of Angolans. I was a bit bummed that this one ended zero zero because the place would have exploded with a Mexican goal. The empty seats across the way are VIP seats…this is still about 30 minutes before the game started.
A shot of the stands at Mexco v Angola

I’ve taken some notes and hope to get some of it distilled into some stories.