Czech vs. Italy tickets!

Just found out I got a ticket for Czech vs. Italy. I’m excited, it’ll be a great game, but a little sad not to see the US game live. Watch for me, I’ll be in the US jersey with the US towel. btw, I may not be saying much about beer, I’m way behind on writing so it’s just World Cup adventures so far. oboy, what an awesome game this will be!

  • devin

    How did you get the ticket? just curious because I was in numerous lottery systems here in Prague Czech Republic For the CZ-USA and none were to be had.

  • rick

    lucky I guess, my German buddy knew someone who knew someone who had two tickets they weren’t going to use, and they were good enough to sell them at cost. Sweet seats too, AOL stadium, at the half line, fairly high up but a great view of the field.