Group E finals

Today you should look forward to some of the best and most importand matches of first-round group play. The games are the third round of Group E, which some have dubbed this year’s group of death. Others have debated it, but now I think the debaters have shut up because it is pretty clear. Czech beat US. US tied Italy. Italy beat Ghana. Ghana beat Czech. For standings, Italy has four, Czech and Ghana have three, and the US has one.

Today’s matches are: Czech vs. Italy and US vs. Ghana. Both matter for all teams involved. A win by Czech, Ghana, or Italy and they go through. The US needs a win but also either Italy to win or a huge gain in goal differential. Currently they are at -3 whereas Italy is at +2…that’s a 5-6 point swing we need, so an Italy/Czech tie doesn’t help much. Ouch. So every team is in it at this time, the US just has more conditions for making it.

As for me, I might be able to score a ticket to the Czech/Italy game today. Watch for me, I’ll be the one in the US jersey. Also, if you wanted me to pick something up for you here, make sure to send an email. prost!

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