USA Soccer Fight Songs

The fellow from Ghana summed it up painfully sweet: “I can’t root for the US, you don’t have any songs!” So our merry band of wanderers did what we could with what we had. Three letters and a movie. For the most part we spent the day shouting U-S-A U-S-A over the roar of ee-tahl-ya ee-tahl-ya until our throats were hoarse, moistened only by sweet German lager. Then we realized that We have a fight song. Or at least a few words. “America—Fuck Yeah!” from that Team America flick. So that helped. And when the Italian got the red card, we got to sing na na na na hey hey good-bye. BUT that’s not enough. So, I’ve written a few, take’em or leave’em, I think the last one’s alright, but here are all three I have so far.

Never look back
Stronger everyday

and then there’s the funny one:
Football baseball basketball bowling
You won’t see it on TV
Soccer is growing

and finally, one with with drums and stuff:
(beat beat beat)
For the red white and blue
(beat beat beat)
we proudly cheer for you
(beat beat beat)
Raise your arms stand up!
(beat beat beat)
We have come for the cup

Sing loud, sing strong! prost.

  • La Irreverente & Legion1908

    You suck come on heres a chant from Guadalajara , Vamos vamos vamos rebaN0 vamos siguele

  • Soccer Team

    USA Soccer team should adopt Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer as their fight song. Change the lyric and song title to LIVIN' ON A PLAYER.

  • Betting Tipster

    Lol, here is one from my country:
    U boj, U boj za narod svoj.

  • mars

    Here’s one from my country
    My old man said ‘be a city fan’,
    And I said’ b***ocks you’re a c**t (you’re a c**t),
    We hate the blues and we’re gonna show it,
    We hate the blues and we f**king know it,
    With Spinksy and Burchy Alan Mcanally,
    They’re the boys who gonna do us fine,
    You support the blues ur a blue nose b***ard and you ain’t no friend of mine,