Day 6

Today I was mistaken for a Swede for the first time. Watching them play England, I’d noticed the mullet was more popular on their side. Still sporting it.

After watching the early games (Mexico v Portugal and Angola v Iran) with Tobi, Flo and I cruised down to the Hamburg Fan Fest. Much larger than the ones at Cologne and Hannover, there was a great festival atmosphere with food offered from each of the 32 countries. I wonder if they’ll shut down after their teams are elimintated, leaving only German and Brazilian food at the final. Also they had fun games like human foosball and other games, a beach club, music, and dancing.

We met Meike and Sandra, had some beers (and ciders/snakebites from the English pub, and watched Argenta play the Netherlands to an uninspiring 0-0 tie. Both had already made it through so they allowed players to rest and not accumulate a second yellow card (a second in a round keeps you out of the next game, but after the third the count starts fresh).