What no bier?

so, you may have noticed by now that I’m not talking about German beer that much. Well, it’s there and it’s good and there’s a lot of it. Not necessarily in me at the moment but passing through. Lots of Pilseners. Beck’s Gold has been really popular with the circles I’m running with, as well as Radlers which are some sort of lemon/beer mix. I enjoyed a nice Koenig Pilsener last night when I got back from Berlin in time to watch the extra time in the Argentina/Mexico game. Each Fan Fest seems to feature its own local favorite (or at least a different cheap…) beer.

Contrary to popular belief it is not ONLY American Budweiser served at stadiums. If you look around you can find Bitburger, which is marginally better than Bud. After all these tasty beers, Budweiser really tastes bad. Also, I’m not sure who’s actually responsible for them, but while McDonald’s hosts concessions at the stadiums, you’re not stuck with typical McDonald’s fair. You can also gobble down some sausages and pretzels (the big yummy kind).

  • http://www.rooftopbrew.net Andy

    Radler is beer & Limonade, which is basically 7up. It’s a surprisingly refreshing beveridge when the weather is hot or when you’re active. If you’ve never tried it, get yourself a can of lemon/lime soda and a can of MGD or some similar “pilsner.” Mix to desired proportion.