Abstract probability and the World Cup champion

I predict Germany will be the winner of the world cup this year. And here is my proof.

Word on the street is that Brazil is favored and I accept that. But is their probability better than 50% to win? I think not. Thus, we must say that a team other than Brazil should win.

Looking at the field, Germany seems to be the strongest and carry the greatest odds.

As I have already proven that Brazil will not win but will fall to a worthy opponent, and that of the teams in the match who are not Brazil Germany is strongest, we have now determined that Germany will carry the cup home the short drive from Germany to Germany.

  • http://aprettymove.blogspot.com Derek

    Well, word on the street used to be Brazil being the favorite. But if you go by their mediocre performances throughout the tournament, except for flashes of brilliance during the Japan match, I don’t see how you can seriously view them as favorites. You’re right, though, they ain’t gonna win the Cup.

    I wouldn’t be too sure of Germany winning against Argentina. The Albicelestes are on a role as well and their bench is incredible and more than a little daunting, especially when they’re putting in goal magnets like Tevez and Messi into the game during the second half. And Germany has, so far, not played anyone well matched to them.

    Should be a great match on Friday, but it’s going to be Argentina all the way.

  • http://squared.7171.org jojo rainer wolfcastle

    Argentina will win.

  • rick

    don’t cry for yourself argentina! That will be a helluva game and a battle of two very different sides that are high quality. Germany is looking pretty strong as well and I am confident that they can shut down Argentina’s offense long enough to sneak in a goal.