Day 8 – Berlin with Uli

I arrive Friday late afternoon. We drink coffee at his house and ride the train to the city. My card is not working so I have no money. We drink beer on the train, many people do. Often there are little stores conveniently located to sell one a bottle of beer. Not many cans here. We walk around and have what appears to be lebanese food, similar to a doner. Which is not too different than gyros bot more cabbage and sometimes different bread.

me and Uli
The coffee and beer have made our bladders short. The day is beautiful, we piss a lot. And drink much beer as we walk around Berlin, stopping at another shop for a walking beer. We take the train to Potsdammer, piss in an empty lot…there is a ton of construction around Berlin. We walk to the Fanmille after picking up another beer, where we watch France workover Togo. We drink beer there and piss in the woods, then walk to a nearby pub with a nice garden. They close at one, and unsure what to do we wander a bit, drinking a beer, and decide to visit a party of Uli’s students, who’d graduated that day and arranged a club in which to celebrate.

Downstairs and hot, it was a happening clu, with three bars, two dance rooms, a movie/social room (similar to the Bar of the Gods) room, and a relaxed room. We drank, talked, danced, and smoked all night, riding the train (runs all night!) and crawling into bed at 6:30.