new time zone

holy crap, two days without soccer!  In a row.  It’s not my fault, I suppose they’re giving the teams a quick breather before jumping into the quarter-finals.  Yesterday I travelled for someodd 24 hours from Hamburg back to happy Portland town.  Nice to be home, but I miss the adventure some.  Now I have to mow the lawn and go back to work and watch the games on tv with maybe 20 people instead of tens of thousands.  But the love among those 20!  Yeah.
So, tomorrow is the beginning of the quarter-finals.  I have to get up nine hours earlier now to catch the games.  But it’ll be well worth it!  Between the super-exciting matchup between Deutschland and Argentina (plenty of shots of Maradonna and Klinsman I’m sure, probably a few side-by-sides, maybe FIFA will stage a hug or a handshake) and screaming at the Italians flopping like Mike Patton’s goldfish it should be an exciting day.  I’m going to hold on to my Germany prediction.

So where’ve been the hotspots for watching the games?  I’m gravitating towards the Cheerful Tortoise, though I’m trying to talk some buddies into heading to the Red Wing.  Maybe I’ll go there for the second.

As far as photos, I’ve loaded them onto my ‘puter, but haven’t begun the arduous task of making them smaller yet.