‘puter crash and a new friend

ugh…my machine went down hard last week.  Problem turned out to be a bad stick of RAM and is fixed now, so I should get stuff back up.  Still recovering because some system stuff was upgraded during the bad memory time and now some things are hosed.  In the meantime I got me a new friend, a MacBook.

  • florian kaiser

    hey there,did you like my mac so much that you got yourself one.hehe.i guess germany did not fullfill your predictions.at least the small final.france is now my favorite cause i wanna see zidane do it again for the last time.isnt that what american sport legends are made of ?wouldn t that be the top story in the us?one of the greatest players in his last game being the world cup final?i´m already crying.italy is looking strong though.they finally showed what they got against germany.

  • http://zerosandones.beerdrinker.org/wordpress nader

    FLO! Glad to see you’re not too bummed about Germany falling to Italy! Wish I could have joined Rick on his World Cup watching adventures, but c’est la vie!

    As to France and Zidane, I’m with you – what a story that would be!

  • marino


    three things …


    /me ha-ppy ha-ppy ha-ppy haaaa-py

    /others sa-ad sa-aaad



    re: your world cup predictions … never underestimate the Italian defense. Cannavaro, Buffon, Zambrotta rulez …

    3. I got a MacBook too. I like it although it’s a little hot

    4. Want to catch up with you and your world cup stories around a pitcher of beer.



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