Too beautiful not to share

These are pics from our hike in the Bull of the Woods Mountain wilderness area. The story is below for you wordy types.

mountain 2

mountain 1

This came out alright.

Me and Dave pre tequila

Me and dave pretequila. I don’t think he’s that much taller than me…?
Kool-Aid Man

This is me as the Kool-Aid man. Oh yeah.
Dave and Bear

Dave post-tequila

Me vs. trout

Here I was fishing. Those trout are lucky there’s just one of me.

At the fire lookout

This is at the fire lookout on top of Bull of the Woods Mountain. It is significant because we got to stop going up.

Augie cooling off

Bear of the Creek Doggie

Augie in the top one and Bear below. This is the Creek that we got to at the end of the day. All of us were hot and thirsty. It was nice, and pretty.

What sorta pump?

What sorta pump did you say that was Dave?

  • moistee

    tequila…..special pumps….you were in the boyscouts weren’t you

  • Ojingo

    Damn – it looks like I missed a great weekend… but then again I did put in an offer on what could be my first house while you were in the woods.

    Beer – this weekend – you, me, and whoever else.