Off Gentoo

After running Gentoo Linux on my personal machine for several years, I’m leaving it.  Done.  Not looking back.  I’m installing Ubuntu right now.

I’ve battled Gentoo with every significant upgrade.  I like to do things the right way, but I found myself reconfiguring my wireless LAN and video card way too often.  Nothing fancy, but with every upgrade, samba broke, I could no longer print, and usually I had to figure out a cascade of failed dependencies.  It was fun for awhile.  The machine worked well, I got my hands dirty, but I’ve got better stuff to do now than dig through forums, documentation, and google trying to figure out the magic incantation to make my computer work again.  Gentoo is a great concept, and I believe that it has a place in the linux world.  In particular, it could be a fantastic datacenter management tool.

On the other hand, Ubuntu is based on Debian, my favorite Linux distro yet.  However, they appear to be tilting it more towards the end-user, focusing more on common architectures in order to pass releases more rapidly through the cycle.  So, it’s up and I’m gonna play with it.  cheers.

  • moistee

    shirly you were drinking beer whilst doing that computer stuff….

  • Ojingo

    “Etu tobo Solo?”
    “… Yes Greedo I have your money.”

    That’s about how it was for me, the unLinux marinated, reading this post. I followed it, lost it, and then picked up again.

    So you’re gonna go Ubuntu my Gentoo now, right after you distro something in the restroom.

    Was that the gist? Am I getting this right?