Organic Dread Brown Ale

Nearly porter-deep this beer from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing is a hearty brown ale.  My first thirsty quaff objected a bit to this one, a bit harsh and unrefined, but I’m quickly warming to this get-well gift from some colleagues.  Fairly bitter, with deeply roasted roasted malt, I’m not finding it to meld quite right, possible due to lack of body.  For a beer this deep, the frontend is awfully wet.  On initial examination, my first observation was the large bubbles of carbonation clinging to my pint glass and that there was a notable lack of head.  I believe that a beer this deep and dark needs a nice frothy head.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad beer by any stretch.  In fact it’s nearly a very good beer.  A bit of fine tuning, perhaps accounted for even by batch variation, could make this a wonderful though challenging beer.  Slightly less caustic hops and a better carbonation process could keep me coming back to this again and again.  And I will certainly drink another Organic Dread Brown Ale given the chance.

If I eat food that doesn’t spoil will I live forever?

Just asking…

Toe update

Thanks for all the well-wishes and such.  My toe is healing, soccer is a long way off but I’m planning to return to work tomorrow, and drove a car today for the first time since Thursday.  woohoo!  Pain is way down, pretty much completely off the meds, but stinky because showers are a hassle!  cheers.

Beer in the Skidmore?

Could it be true?  Word on the street is that beer will be flowing from the Skidmore fountain in about 10 minutes….3pm, September 22.  I haven’t found any real confirmations, but a lot of rumors and such.  And me bound to the house. arrrr!  Always the bridesmaid, never the fratboy doing a kegstand over the Skidmore Fountain.

Bum toe

Sitting on my ass today because I had surgery this morning.  Nothing too significant, but I am missing the rest of the soccer season.  Three season, I guess.  There was some bone matter and cartilage mucking up the joint in my big toe.  My kickin’ toe.  I asked to bring the pieces home in a jar but I guess it’s hospital policy no to alow that.  I was good and didn’t play soccer last night in hopes of not bashing it up worse than it is.  Good times, now I’m hopped up on vicodin or something.  No dancing for ricky this weekend, I’ll just be hanging out drinking beer.  I guess it could be worse.  cheers.