Allagash Four

Wooo…presentation presentation.  This .75 liter ale is packaged beautifully in a corked (as in champagne) frosty brown bottle with one of those postmodern regal fonts embossed in gold.  With a nice light pop, the cork is freed, followed by a light vapor rising from the bottle.  The head pours nicely, somewhat short of creamy, but pleasant and unassuming.  The hue is a deep rusty-golden color, slightly cloudy and showing some carbonation and smaller particles.

I tilt the glass, a goblet-style glass, and quickly note the heavy sweet malty aroma.

Dave says he doesn’t like it.  It’s tasty, but he thinks he’s had too many IPA throughout the day.

This is, however, my first beer of the day, so I am not tainted.  The body is nice, great mouthfeel.  It’s there when it’s there, and it’s gone when it’s gone.

The flavor is pretty interesting.  Quite malty, with a sweetness tasting a bit of the marriage of a raisin and a banana.  The 10% alcohol content is definitely evident.  To me, a beer has to be pretty damn good to pull off strengths of that magnitude.  This one does an alright job of it.  But it still has some unmelding alcohol taste.  Que sera, it’s still a pretty good beer.

Anyway, take a look at this one, it’s potent in many ways.  And pretty decent.

Merry xmas

Hey!  Hope is was nice.  If you’re not into xmas, cool.  I hope it was a good day for you anyway.  Also, James Brown rest in peace.  A true star and visionary.


Sweet! My buddy M@ hooked me up with a ticket to GnR Monday.  Being one of my favorite all-time bands, I was stoked.  Honestly I wasn’t that excited about the opener, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), who I’d seen open for GnR some 16 years ago.  I’ve always considered Skid Row to be wussy rock, a sort of precursor to Incubus (who should’ve stuck with the funky stuff they put out early).

We slammed down my flask of whiskey in the parking lot, then headed in (box seats, not GA).  I predict: “First song- Welcome to the Jungle.”  Jen, the nice lady bringing the beers warned us promptly…”Axl’s not coming on till midnite.  Maybe 11:30.”  That’s still nearly 5 hours away.  We order beers.  The Suicide Girls (surprisingly clean-cut and nontatooed) came out and did a pretty sweet set of routines.  Some Reservoir Dogs, stewardess dances, chocolate, all sorts of stuff.  Pretty entertaining, I busted out the below-seat binoculars.

To leave Jen to better things, we started ordering beers 2×2.

After the Suicide Girls, we got a nice set from Helmet.  Helmet!  They’re awesome, I didn’t know Helmet would be there!  woohoo, things were looking up.  They could’ve cranked the volume quite a bit more, but they were the opening band.

2×2, yeah.  Happy Monday!

Okay.   Sebastian Bach friggin rocked.  He played a kickass set, a mix of old and new.  He made it feel like the audience was there to see him.  His new stuff shredded, the old stuff was tame by comparison.  He belted it out, and his musicians were good and loud.  They had fun.  I rocked out.

Last call.  2×3 delivered in the 6-pack.  My most expensive 6-pack ever.  Like a QuickieMart in Antarctica expensive.  But holy crap it tasted good, my blood was flowing, and it got us through the show.

GnR came on.   Welcome to the Jungle.  sweet!  Nice riff.  The new band sounded great.  Axl did not sound great.  He was flat.  His voice virbrated like a reed a times.  It’s the end of a hard tour.  Singing like that, man, he has some energy, but he couldn’t carry it.  Not this far.  But the band sounded great, they added their own twists to the songs, not stealing riff after riff, but with the same flavor.

Being in a box, there were other folks in it, something I’m mindful of.  But when you’re rockin you’re rockin and that means you’re not sitting.  So I stood in the corner and banged my head till my neck hurt and banged some more.  Guy behind me suggested that I sit, so others can see.  Not angry, but pleading: “It’s f*%king Welcome to the Jungle man you hafta rock!” and I continued to rock.  I sat when I didn’t need to rock.

Song of the night: Rocket Queen.  Sweet variation musically, and Axl hit this one really well.

Downer: It’s So Easy.  Just didn’t have the f*$k you sound to it just trying to get through it.  This is when I sat down.  I did stand up again, stand up, sit down.  Whatever.  It was fun.  I’m not an asshole usually, but I gotta rock.

So what ND?

I wrote this to my grandmother in response to an email she forwarded me talking about how in North Dakota when they have a huge storm nobody complains to the government.  More or less telling New Orleans to quit their whining.

of course ideally we’d all be prepared for a disaster.  And it wasn’t the rains themselves that were the problem but the fact of the levee breach.  It had been recommended to the Bush administration to improve the levee, and the disaster that occurred had been laid out to him ahead of time.  So, when he said that nobody could have seen this coming he lied, because it had been predicted to him.

Now again, ideally the government shouldn’t have to do things like that.  But as part of this thing that we put together called civilization, we’ve acknowledged that there are some aspects of life that aren’t going to be taken care of by individuals.  So we pay taxes.  In addition, some parts of our great nation are clearly wealthier than others.  And while it would be awesome if everyone just paid their own way, we’ve decided that in order to provide people with the opportunity to live the American dream, and in order to help people to live better lives, we’re going to send aid.  We’ll let the federal government help build roads, fund schools and hospitals, and regulate corporations to prevent massive abuses against people.

Every man for himself will not work in this society, that’s why we have civilization, and that’s why we have government.  And that’s why I don’t complain about paying my taxes, even though they aren’t always used as efficiently or as honestly as possible.  In the end they’re doing more good than I could on my own, and we need that.  Our government uses taxes to fund programs that will never be profitable.  But many great things come from projects like the space program, and research on endangered species and solar energy, and providing safe shelter for people who can’t do it on their own.


Congrats Ninja

Well, GPSD had its championships this weekend, my team Top Hammer GDST (Green Dawn Soccer Team) played Ninja for the Men’s open D-1 championship.  It was an excellent game, our squad played well and hard.  An unlucky break early in the game led to an own goal to put us down 0-1, which is how the game finished, despite some very strong midfield play, and good showing for our defense and offense despite the freezing conditions.  It was something like 31 F on the thermometer, and at least 10-15 mph winds.  Holy crap it was cold.  Anyway, like any solid team we went out for beers afterwards, and even hosted a few of the opponents.