Allagash Four

Wooo…presentation presentation.  This .75 liter ale is packaged beautifully in a corked (as in champagne) frosty brown bottle with one of those postmodern regal fonts embossed in gold.  With a nice light pop, the cork is freed, followed by a light vapor rising from the bottle.  The head pours nicely, somewhat short of creamy, but pleasant and unassuming.  The hue is a deep rusty-golden color, slightly cloudy and showing some carbonation and smaller particles.

I tilt the glass, a goblet-style glass, and quickly note the heavy sweet malty aroma.

Dave says he doesn’t like it.  It’s tasty, but he thinks he’s had too many IPA throughout the day.

This is, however, my first beer of the day, so I am not tainted.  The body is nice, great mouthfeel.  It’s there when it’s there, and it’s gone when it’s gone.

The flavor is pretty interesting.  Quite malty, with a sweetness tasting a bit of the marriage of a raisin and a banana.  The 10% alcohol content is definitely evident.  To me, a beer has to be pretty damn good to pull off strengths of that magnitude.  This one does an alright job of it.  But it still has some unmelding alcohol taste.  Que sera, it’s still a pretty good beer.

Anyway, take a look at this one, it’s potent in many ways.  And pretty decent.