LASIK Update

Alright, so I got LASIK two weeks ago.  The next day I caught a miserable cold and have been exhausted ever since.  But I’m finally about over it.  And my eyes feel great!  I can now see really well.  I wake up and can read the clock.  That’s a big thing.  I think I can see now better than I’ve ever seen in my life.  My fun new game is to challenge “sighted” people to see who can read smaller things further.
The greatest thing about my new eyes, though, is that time right about dusk on a clear day.  The air feels crisp, the colors are slightly muted.  The sky is a deep blue, or maybe violet, there are usually a few clouds, and trees without leaves are silhoutted against it all.  The lake at work is still, reflecting it all.  It’s so still and clear, and I’ve never seen it like that before.

  • nader

    Congrats on the successful procedure! Glad to hear it went well. Your experience is almost enough to make me consider LASIK someday…almost