MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company Oregon Honeybeer

My next batch of beer will be a honey wheat beer. Consequently, I picked up a 6-pack of Mac’s Honeybeer to get warmed up. The ale is colored a very light gold, nearly tranparent hue, with a light head. I do not detect any honey in the nose as a take a sip, and only the slightest hint of it on tasting. Something seems amiss so I jam my nose into the now empty bottle and there I do detect a hint of the honey I expected.

Overall, Mac’s Oregon Honeybeer is uninspiring. It is somewhat bland, and the addition of honey to the recipe strikes me as more of a gimmick in this case. It’s not bad, I’d say comparable to the flagship ale of whatever pseudo-microbrewery is featured at whatever airport pub you are visiting. Easy-drinking, light, and well-balanced, but that last is due to the lack of any to balance.