Duchesse De Bourgogne

This is not a session beer. It’s not that it’s heavy or dark. It is a bit spendy. But really, it’s not a session beer because it tastes quite a bit like vinegar. But I love this beer. It is totally unique. It doesn’t taste like any beer I know of brewed in the States. Or any other beer at all. But somehow it satisfies like a beer. The Duchesse is Flemish. I don’t know if it’s a chick beer or not. It is a Flemish red ale.

The Duchesse De Bourgogne is light and somewhat creamy, you can see that its head is the real deal. It actually expanded after I finished pouring to the thickness you see in the image. And it retains the head pretty well.

This ale is very aromatic. I keep expecting a syrupy feel to it, but somehow the liquid avoids that entirely, remaining more airy. There is a light cherry taste to it, and it is behind or in front of the vinegar flavor, depending on the temperature and accompanying flavors.

The Dutchess is very unique, and very very good. I highly recommend that you get out there right now and pickup a bottle. I’ve found her at New Seasons and Pix. By the way, drink this from a Belgian glass or a wine snifter, it really helps open up the flavors.

Also, for more reading on the Dutchess De Bourgogne, check this out.

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  1. Great to read about Duchesse! You might also like Rodenbach Grand Cru, another flemish sour ale. Regular Rodenbach is good too, but has a more syrupy feel to it. Any of the beers made by Cantillon are quite sour (they make gueuzes and krieks mostly, all sour beers), and the gueuze Cuvee Renee is very good, not syrupy at all. In the States, Oomegang occasionally makes Grand Cru Rouge, which is their version of a flemish red ale. Delicious, but only available on tap and hard to find. Oomegang is owned by Duvel.
    The brewery Russian River from northern California also makes several sour belgians. Check out their website. I just had one for the first time and it was great!

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