Anchor Bock Beer

I’m always excited to see something new come out of Anchor Brewing. Their steam beer is fantastic, and I just love the small beer. They are extraordinary at putting out varieties other American breweries don’t. While you’ll see some bocks around (Shiner? Go back to Texas ;) Anchor’s bock pours dark, with a light head, colored with a hint of chocolate.

Its body is full in the mouth, and is warming me up wonderfully on this happy equinox eve after running the dog in the chill air. The malty flavor is very smooth and well-integrated, only lightly hopped. The taste lingers on the tongue gently for a little while after passing, hints of chocolate in this beautiful blend of roasted malts.

Okay, I’m a supporter. Get out and pickup a 6-pack of Anchor’s bock, dump it carressingly into a nice heavy mug and drink the heck out of it. Cheers!

  • hilsy

    I miss the bocks. Back in the early 90’s there seemed to be more bocks out there. Does anyone remeber the wonderful Widmer Bock that would hit the taps of Portland in March?