Elysian Bifrost

Ah, the first day of Spring. Flowers blooming, the sun is shining. A perfect day to drink my last winter ale, the offering from Elysian. A gorgeous gold hue, this one pours a lot like so many ales not of the winter ilk, only a bit bigger. In fact, this one is drinkable any time of year, so yay Spring! And yay Elysian for producing a winter ale that isn’t packed full of nutmeg and other odds and ends to drown the an overly strong beer. To me, it takes real talent to brew something much more than 6% (though, that number is on its way up), and Elysian Brewing keeps it mellow at 6.25%. Enough to warm you up on those cold nights, but loose enough to play tennis in when the sun peeks through.

Overall, it’s a pretty good beer. I bet there are folks out there who if they tasted it they’d say it was their favorite beer ever. That’s not me. It wouldn’t make my desert island list even. It’s a bit too sticky for me. Not offensively so, but somewhat. And it doesn’t offer a whole lot that I find in some other beers, but better. But…if I were placed in front of three doors, each containing a different winter ale, I would hope that Bifrost was behind the door that I picked. If not Bifrost, Ebeneezer or Jubel.

In any case, you probably missed your chance at the Bifrost. But in case you have one in your fridge and you’re deciding whether to drink it or pass it on to a favorite nephew, I’d say go ahead and drink it. It’s actually pretty good in case the last paragraph steered you in a different direction. cheers.

  • moistee

    it might take more than one of these fellas for you to be “loose enough to play tennis”