NYC – quickly

Just got back from NYC. It was a lot of fun, but catching up afterwards with regular has kept me from getting everything current. I do have a bunch of pics up, so just click on this one to get to my picasa site.

I will be posting some info on my experiences with New York pizza, and probably some tales of good times.  cheers!

Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale

Score today!  N prepped up some provencal braised cod (ala Test Kitchen cookbook) and potato-leek gratin (from The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, my current favorite cooking tome), and I spoiled myself with a 22oz bottle of Rogue’s Morimoto Soba Ale, “A perfect accompaniment to lighter cuisine.”

It’s meals like that that just make you stop and think and blog that Life is Good.   Even better, the meal is over and the ale lives on.  It is light, but it’s definitely not shy.  Mellow on the intake, the soba ale carries a light and slightly bitter nutty flavor through the palate, and stays with you for a bit.

Rogue is correct that the beer was a nice matchup with a lighter meal, but I think it would carry itself well with most standard bar offerings, or even some tacos.  But I won’t pretend to have much clue when it comes to pairing foods with life-enhancing nectars.  All I can say is that this one worked out nicely.

And the beer is really tasty.  It opens up a fair amount around ounce 16 I’m finding, as well, so don’t short yourself by buying just a pint!  Well, I have to go watch 24 now or else I’d tell you about all the wonderful flavors I’m discovering!  Cheers.

Homebrewed Honey Wheat Ale

Kegged up my honey wheat ale this week and tossed it into the kegerator yesterday. You’re looking at a tasting of it. Well, unfortunately, I have to say I wouldn’t buy this one myself. It’s a bit too sweet, I think the yeast didn’t convert as much of the malted wheat as I’d like. It definitely has wheat beer characteristics, and some honey love going on. At this time it’s lacking body. It’s opened up a bit since yesterday, but it’s still pretty flat. For me sweet need body. So, I think I’ll turn up the CO2 to get some forced carbonation into it. More later.

On the other hand, between yesterday and today I made my third batch of sourdough bread. This one turned out really well. The others were good, but I think I got to the next level here. The crust is great, the flavor is gently soured, and the bread is consistently light but full. Sweet!

I also made sourdough waffles this morning, and they turned out great.  More soury than previous.  I needed to turn up the waffle iron to get them browned properly.  I was also able to mow the lawn and fertilize it.  We need to do some work on the landscape, but we’re building a vision.  Cheers!

Full Sail Pale Ale

Ah, Full Sail, we’ve had out ups and our down, good times and bad. We’ve been through a lot together, and though we don’t see a lot of each other lately, it’s always nice to sit down and catch up. Full Sail beers are good. Not really spectacular, but good. Potentially really good. Depending on what you’re into. And right now I’m pretty into this pale ale I’m drinking. It’s light and refreshing, and hitting the spot after riding home. Not too sticky sweet, but it has a bit of sweet malty goodness. It comes and it goes, so there’s not so much aftertaste. That means you can try feeding it to those “I had beers with aftertaste” people (read: aftertaste as flavor, so be prepared with some pbr, or Session if you feel generous). It’s a good gateway beer to the microbrews (as is Full Sail Amber), but it’s also good enough to sit down and play canasta with on a hot day.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, here’s a pic of my latest batch of sourdough bread.

It’s Spring! roundup

It’s looking to be a pretty sweet Spring, if I can just get myself healed. I put together the hammock N gave me for my bday last Fall, and have gotten to relax in it just a little bit, as you can see…

I’ve also gotten into bread making a bit. Well, today I’m making my second batch. This is sourdough, and it came out great. In the first one I forgot to add salt, so it was really just flour and water (and starter). This time I got the dough down, and I think it’s going to be awesome. This is from the first batch.

And lastly, I went to work on my bike, broke my last tire iron and saw a problem with the tire so I took it down to the Alberta Bike Coop, a great place. The guy noticed bigger problems with the wheel and it needed replacing, so I was down with that. To make sure the freewheel fit I grabbed the rest of the bike and took it down to the shop, where he noticed that the frame was actually broken. Bummer. So I donated the bike for parts and took off. Happily today is the end of REI’s 20% off sale so I cruised down there, found a bike a liked and bought it. To top it off, there are some blemishes on it (they’re in the picture, but you can’t really see them on the upper tube in the decal), so they took off another 10% giving me a heckuva deal. I got the Novara Express, and as you can it, it’s a pretty little machine.

I dedicate this post to my old Univega that got me through so many miles, it was a great bike, reliable and fast. It was an 80’s road bike I picked up in ’95 for eighty bucks.  Oh yeah…and I’ll be kegging up a batch of honey wheat ale tonite also.  woohoo!