Full Sail Pale Ale

Ah, Full Sail, we’ve had out ups and our down, good times and bad. We’ve been through a lot together, and though we don’t see a lot of each other lately, it’s always nice to sit down and catch up. Full Sail beers are good. Not really spectacular, but good. Potentially really good. Depending on what you’re into. And right now I’m pretty into this pale ale I’m drinking. It’s light and refreshing, and hitting the spot after riding home. Not too sticky sweet, but it has a bit of sweet malty goodness. It comes and it goes, so there’s not so much aftertaste. That means you can try feeding it to those “I had beers with aftertaste” people (read: aftertaste as flavor, so be prepared with some pbr, or Session if you feel generous). It’s a good gateway beer to the microbrews (as is Full Sail Amber), but it’s also good enough to sit down and play canasta with on a hot day.

Oh, and in case you’re interested, here’s a pic of my latest batch of sourdough bread.

  • http://zerosandones.beerdrinker.org nader

    You know what I like about Full Sail (especially their Amber)? When you drink a sixer in the back of a big ol’ church van, on a road trip up to Seattle to watch roller derby, each bottle tastes just a little bit better than the last.

  • susan

    What nader says is true of all beers– nay, all alcohol.

    Try it with PBR as absolute proof.

  • http://realdadblog.com/ Real Dad Blog

    I enjoy your reviews. This beer is my favorite IPA. I have not tried more than maybe 6 or 7 different IPA brands but I like Full Sail? very much. Very smooth and not too much carbonation. I have tried Avery, Bridgeport, Big Sky, Flying Dog and Fort Collins. I like Fort Collins IPA the best but is 10.99 here in Tulsa, OK. The Full Sail $7.99. What is some of your favorite IPA beers?