Homebrewed Honey Wheat Ale

Kegged up my honey wheat ale this week and tossed it into the kegerator yesterday. You’re looking at a tasting of it. Well, unfortunately, I have to say I wouldn’t buy this one myself. It’s a bit too sweet, I think the yeast didn’t convert as much of the malted wheat as I’d like. It definitely has wheat beer characteristics, and some honey love going on. At this time it’s lacking body. It’s opened up a bit since yesterday, but it’s still pretty flat. For me sweet need body. So, I think I’ll turn up the CO2 to get some forced carbonation into it. More later.

On the other hand, between yesterday and today I made my third batch of sourdough bread. This one turned out really well. The others were good, but I think I got to the next level here. The crust is great, the flavor is gently soured, and the bread is consistently light but full. Sweet!

I also made sourdough waffles this morning, and they turned out great.  More soury than previous.  I needed to turn up the waffle iron to get them browned properly.  I was also able to mow the lawn and fertilize it.  We need to do some work on the landscape, but we’re building a vision.  Cheers!