Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale

Score today!  N prepped up some provencal braised cod (ala Test Kitchen cookbook) and potato-leek gratin (from The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, my current favorite cooking tome), and I spoiled myself with a 22oz bottle of Rogue’s Morimoto Soba Ale, “A perfect accompaniment to lighter cuisine.”

It’s meals like that that just make you stop and think and blog that Life is Good.   Even better, the meal is over and the ale lives on.  It is light, but it’s definitely not shy.  Mellow on the intake, the soba ale carries a light and slightly bitter nutty flavor through the palate, and stays with you for a bit.

Rogue is correct that the beer was a nice matchup with a lighter meal, but I think it would carry itself well with most standard bar offerings, or even some tacos.  But I won’t pretend to have much clue when it comes to pairing foods with life-enhancing nectars.  All I can say is that this one worked out nicely.

And the beer is really tasty.  It opens up a fair amount around ounce 16 I’m finding, as well, so don’t short yourself by buying just a pint!  Well, I have to go watch 24 now or else I’d tell you about all the wonderful flavors I’m discovering!  Cheers.

  • jeff

    Rogue Morimoto Soba is my all time favorite beer….LOVE IT!