I broke my wrist

Thursday was a beautiful day to ride my bike.  Things soured a bit on my way home.  Crossing Halsey around 47th (near the Daily), I was absently putting my foot into the stirrup, when upon looking up, I was almost on top of the curb.  I attempted evasive action, but clipped it and fell.  Dumb, oh well.  I got back on my bike and continued down the bike path (designated shared…happily there was no traffic).  As I rode, it seemed like the front brake was rubbing the wheel a bit.  Since I was approaching that big hill below Fremont, I though I’d check it out.  To inspect it, I decided to do a bit of a wheelie and watch to see if the wheel stops.  So, I pull up on the handlebar, and watch closely as the fork lifts off the wheel, the wheel slides back into the fork, I come crashing down and over the handlebar, landing mostly on my shoulder, scraping my elbow and knee, hitting my happily helmetted head, and somehow hitting my hand/wrist.

This was at around 47th and Wysteria.  I stood up, dazed, laid down in some grass for a bit, the stood up again.  It was odd, there was a fair number of people around, but nobody paid any attention…nobody asked if I was okay or anything.  I got back on my bike and rode home.  N talked me into going to the immediate care center where x-rays indicated a broken wristbone.  They splinted me and sent me on my way, and tomorrow I see a specialist.