Cafe Be Van

Just wanted to callout this tasty little Vietnamese deli located at 6846 NE Sandy.  Their menu is pretty small, mostly serving up a varety of meat sandwiches, but there is a vegetarian option as well.  Their sandwiches are $2.75-3.00, and the perfect size for a light meal.  Just think, even if you ordered four sandwiches, a hum bao (sp?), and a drink, your meal would still still be a Cheap Eat by WW’s standard (what a disappointment that issue was!  Usually a year-long staple, this year’s Cheap Eats was recycled in under a week).  The sandwiches (we tried ham, the special, and the bao) were good, with fun twists on our American standards, cilantro, carrots, othr veggies, and something tangy.