Full Sail LTD Limited Light Lager

Go Full Sail. A yummy lager with multiple layers of flavor but not trying to mimic anything German or Czech I’ve ever had. Golden, light, bubbly, slighty sweet. Delightful but not challenging. It get on the tongue and jumps right off. This one will also work for your friends who won’t touch a bitter beer, though I think it would be helped with just a little more bitterness. But if you’re looking for a beer to share at a BBQ this summer, this one could be the perfect choice. It really found a nice spot on the fence between the lighter lagers and craft beers. In fact, I’ll be showing up at a BBQ with a 5-pack of this in just a bit.

me and my cast enjoying an LTD in the backyard

  • http://beervana.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    So what do you think of FS’s new foray into lagers? They’re a pretty big deviation from the Oregon norm, which makes them seem somewhat transgressive. Though I like the norm, so I admire them intellectually more than actually.

  • rick

    I’m pleased with it. Session is aptly named, and suits me when I’m in the mood for a commodity beer. The LTD is a pleasant lager, a lot less dry than a european pilsner, and pretty drinkable.

    I also think it’s a timely move for them in Oregon’s competitive brewing industry. Session was well-positioned after Olympia short-sightedly discontinued their stubbies, and it paved the way for additional lagered efforts.

    Without the lagers, I feel that Full Sail was falling beihind. Their ales don’t stand out much among all the newer breweries, though we all seem to have at least one Full Sail old standby.

    So it’s a good move, though I’m with you and like the Oregon norm. It’s nice to be able to step outside it.

  • http://beervana.blogspot.com/ Jeff

    I’m high on Session, which I think launched the whole lager thing. I actually gave it a “top ten” nod among Oregon beers (mainly for the novelty). The experiment is worth it–lagers are the forgotten stepchild in Oregon brewing.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bretagins Bret

    Hey Rick. I stumbled across your blog here looking for GDST info. Now you’re bookmarked… As for this review…

    Agreed on all accounts. Sam and I did a lot of “research” before our last party a few weeks ago. We went out every night for a week or so trying to find the perfect local brew for our keg. Our criteria were simple:
    1) Local
    2) Easy Drinking (for a party, you have to be able to drink 5 easily)
    3) Mass Appeal (something everyone would like, not everyone has the sophisticated palettes that we do)

    The LTD was an early favorite, but ultimately we settled on the Bridgeport Haymaker, which is an excellent seasonal Extra Pale Ale. A little more crisp and less sweet than the LTD. Check it out if you haven’t already, it was a big hit at the party.

    I do not hesitate in saying that the LTD is my all time favorite Full Sail brew. I tend to find their beers fairly boring, preferring Bridgeport’s and Deschutes’ offerings.