Beerfest vs Ikea

Okay, this is going to sound like heresy, but I did not attend the beerfest this weekend. At some point I made a hasty promise to the lady that we could hit Ikea on Friday in the afternoon. And I made good, got out of work early, and we cruised over to the massive furniture store. And we had a good time. It was pretty exhausting examining 4 billion pieces of furniture, but I really enjoy Ikea. They do small spaces well, and the house is fairly small. Or we just have too much crap. But the kitchen and bathroom are constant struggles for us, and we’ve got visions/dreams of making those spaces work better.

On the other hand, I love beer. And a bunch of friends were heading down there. Explaining to them that I was eating Swedish meatballs at a giant home furnishing store rather than quaffing delicious and exotic beers was a bit of a struggle for me. And comprehending that I’d rather wander the self-service warehouse trying to find a Kiflikener rather than check off my favorite IPA was a struggle for them.

And this beerdrinker doesn’t dig crowds too much. I avoid the winter brewfest like the plague, it’s just painful. And the best time to hit the International Brewer’s Festival is Friday afternoon, followed by early Saturday. Since Friday didn’t happen, I just had to bite the bullet. But I’m drinking my buddy’s homebrew now, and it is super tasty.

Oh, and I’m not weird or anything, but I had to cruise by Ikea on the eve of its grand opening, and got a coupla shots.