Galaxy down in SuperLiga, but solid(ish)

Caught the Galaxy vs Pachuca match tonite for the SuperLiga final. Painful painful first half. Got there late, just in time for an own-goal and the team to fall apart. But halftime was near. I got a dos equis and got tense with some soccer buddies. Half two was amazing. Both teams had a ton of chances. Tough to say who got the better of it, but then we were in for a surprise. In stoppage time, around the 95th minute, a cross, a header, a crossbar, a swat by the goalie, players heading the ball, and then Klein, you could see it coming, Klein throws one leg, then the other, Klein executes an absolutely awe-inspiring bicycle kick, barely slotting a defender, flacidly attempting to throw his head in the way, and the post, well out of the keeper’s reach. Beautiful. Everyone is on their feet. The mostly hispanic audience (no American English station was close to carrying this cup) and we few Galaxy supporters. I bought tequila.

We shared the excitement. The game went into overtime. Beckham returned from the locker room after his injury wearing a ridiculous suit. We all laughed. And overtime was scoreless. And we wend into kicks to decide. Vagenas, who placed the own goal in the first half, also missed his PK for the Galaxy. Rough night. Fortunately, Cannon made a save. After the Pachuca player shanked shot 5, Donovan (hero) approached. He sent it to the keeper, who received the ball handily. Doesn’t he do that most of the time on PKs? Great player, I just don’t see much in his PKs. Ever. Anyway, Xavier missed his next one by a mile (he had a terrible game as well…sometimes we need to adjust). It was a great game. Way to go Galaxy. Congrats Pachuca.

Update: Didn’t take too long for this to make it onto youtube. For Pete’s sake, watch it.