The Bye and Bye

For weeks I’ve been anxiously watching a space on Alberta at about 10th. They were working hard to convert a pretty dismal spot into what would clearly become a bar. It looked like they were pouring some serious heart and soul into their work.

A buddy of mine was at Binks having a pint when he saw someone he knew walking past. Not uncommon in NE Portland, except that he knew him from Georgia. They got to talking, and it turned out that he’d moved here to help his friend open up a new place down the street. The scoop I got was patio, vegan, full bar, sweet open spot, good people.

My brother was at the Vida Cafe and met a fellow named John. They got to talking, and John was working on a project down the street called the Bye and Bye. Good times.

Tonight we put these vicious rumors to the test. We met down at the Bye and Bye for some beverages. As I walked into the open space, my first impression was that there was a lot of cool stuff going on. From nifty nicknacks to weird attic-find art, and some really nice space, this place was done well. Not overstated, just chill. Talking to John, one of the honchos, and a super guy and storyteller with a light Georgia accent, it seems that nearly everything in the place has a story.

The Bye and Bye is clearly a labor of love. They were fairly busy, so I didn’t get down to the nitty-gritty, but it’s clearly a place where I’d like to.

I was with my brother, which lately means that I sampled some mixed beverages rather than the beers. Weird, I know. I got a tall and tasty combination of Maker’s Mark, ginger beer, and lemon. Quite refreshing. I followed that with a Jameson (w/piece of ice) and Hales.

We also had the meatball sandwich. It’s a sad statement about a town when one of the tastiest meatball sandwiches is vegan (btw…always on the hunt if you know a good one). If the rest of the food here wasn’t so damn good I’d be a bit peeved.

The place was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. Though I suppose that it doesn’t really matter what day it is here, does it? The crowd was pretty funky, young, and tattooed. Pretty damn hip. The tunes were good, mild punk and alternative, maybe satellite radio…actually, be sure to notice the stereo they mounted above the bar.

Bye and bye, I say congrats. You’ve opened up a sweet bar with a good feel, tasty food, and solid beverages. The prices were reasonable, the atmosphere good. Cheers, and Godspeed.

Update: I didn’t use the can, but apparently there’s a jukebox back near it.

The Bye and Bye, 1011 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR

Smashing Pumpkins benefit Humane Society, Dove Lewis, me

N and I braved the I-5 bridge into Vancouver Friday night to see the Smashing Pumpkins play the Clark County Amphitheater. Perry Farrell opened with his new band Satellite Party, and they were good and fun. I kept thinking…wow, I’m watching Perry Farrell sing Jane Says or Pets or whatever.

But the Pumpkins hit the stage and they absolutely killed it. Heavy, heavy shredding guitar. Huge rhythms with their classic psychedelic licks. New stuff, old stuff, they did not miss a beat. Totally rocked. If they’ll be passing through your town, do not miss this show, it was awesome.

And Mercury album review guy. You panned the album harshly. At first I was feeling the same way after I picked it up. But try again. But this time crank it up. Listen loud and proud and rock the hell out. It isn’t an album to listen to quietly in your cube sitting in front of the computer.

Lagunitas Kill Ugly Radio

Beautiful Frank Freakin’ Zappa. You’d wish anyway, staring at that mug on the bottle, trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to get when you open it. Well, you don’t have to step too far onto a limb…those Petaluma brewers are pretty consistent at putting something together that’s in your face, but well integrated. The Kill Ugly Radio does not stray. Very fruity in its aroma, stinking pleasantly of apricot, this IPA (I think) guides you through the whole drinking process. BAM! I smell good! BAM! There’s a lot of flavor! Bam! oops, more flavor! BAM! I’m stickin’ around for awhile after you swallow…make your mouth water, boy! The aromatic and bittering hops both lean towards the heavy side. The body is a bit lighter than comparable Lagunitas beers, resembling a pale ale in presentation.

Kill Ugly Radio isn’t ground-breaking, it’s not, astounding, it’s not even a huge shift for Lagunitas (or me, for that matter), but it is a tasty freakin’ beer that is serious about being a beer. cheers.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like this is the second in the Zappa series, the first was Freak Out. This one is commemorating the album “Absolutely Free,” and the artwork is the stuff from the inside jacket.

new addiction

light lately, but that’s because I’ve been writing little mini-fictions over at ficlets. Here’s me. The account system is pretty neat, let me know if you have trouble getting signed up if you’re into it and I can help you out.

dangit NFL!

So now you’ve got some big channel or contract or something to make it a bit tougher to watch games. Well, I didn’t watch many anyway. But now I hear some controversy and you need cable and Monday night football is on cable…at least Dennis Miller is gone I hope. But dangit! Now I get so many stupid sp@m emails about football this and football that. I guess I should watch more football. Like I should lose weight and take more viagra.

saltwater burning

This is pretty fascinating if it works, if it’s real, if it is applicable.

Applying radio waves (I don’t yet know the specifics around them) to saltwater allows it to burn, as the hydrogen is somehow offered up to the fire gods.

Thank you early adopters

Well, the iPhone dropped in price way faster than I expected. I’d figured they had a price point figured out and would keep the phone around there. But they had the trendsetters figured out and took their cut. The 8GB iPhone is now $399 instead of $599. So tempting. But for all of you who are upset that you paid the extra two hundred bucks to strut it around for two months, I’m still not rushing out to buy one. Though I sure drool over it. Honestly, I really want it to have a GPS in it. But no whining. I saw enough iPhone cage matches in the first week or two to know you got your money’s worth.