Smashing Pumpkins benefit Humane Society, Dove Lewis, me

N and I braved the I-5 bridge into Vancouver Friday night to see the Smashing Pumpkins play the Clark County Amphitheater. Perry Farrell opened with his new band Satellite Party, and they were good and fun. I kept thinking…wow, I’m watching Perry Farrell sing Jane Says or Pets or whatever.

But the Pumpkins hit the stage and they absolutely killed it. Heavy, heavy shredding guitar. Huge rhythms with their classic psychedelic licks. New stuff, old stuff, they did not miss a beat. Totally rocked. If they’ll be passing through your town, do not miss this show, it was awesome.

And Mercury album review guy. You panned the album harshly. At first I was feeling the same way after I picked it up. But try again. But this time crank it up. Listen loud and proud and rock the hell out. It isn’t an album to listen to quietly in your cube sitting in front of the computer.

  • LMonster

    I totally agree. Fricken awesome show and not even crowded! The crowd was way into it…and the Pumpkins rocked big time. Plus the lights were cool.