Delirum tremens

Blonde and a bit cloudy, with a resilient head, Delirium tremens is a very tasty Belgian. It drinks smooth and crisp. Well, it’s smooth, trails slightly yeasty but not in an offensive way, and I like it. Other than that I’ve been totally distracted during this so that’s all I’ve got. I’ll update with a photo when I get a chance to upload it.


Is google losing their edge?

I love Google. I use a number of google applications. Google’s search is and has always been fantastic. I have a gmail account and a picasaweb account. Blah, blah, google’s does a lot of great things and makes my life better. Thank you google!

However, I’m feeling more and more that google just isn’t getting it like they used to. The internet has changed, it grows more dynamic, more personal. But while new sites keep popping up that enable users to do more, google looks the other way. They are building and building, or more likely buying and buying, but they aren’t reaching out, they aren’t connecting. I have two examples of this that I think are very relevant.

First, Blogger. Every blog on Blogger should have an RSS feed. Natively. Period. Authors should have the option to turn them off, but RSS is the real deal, and having to use a feedburner widget is a hassle.

Second, PicasaWeb. I love my picasaweb account. The interface is clean and fast. But the community seems tacked on. And that’s not even my real problem. My real issue is that Google has not built partnerships with other sites. Everywhere you go, you can integrate your flickr data. But with picasaweb, there’s nothing. I can’t go to and use my existing photos on picasaweb to make cards, I have to select them in iPhoto, export them, and upload them again. Same with sites like dopplr.Hassle!

I keep getting a Microsoft feeling from Google. Like the people who really ‘get it’ have lost to business, marketing, and management. Like they have a 20-year plan and can’t reel it in enough to see what’s actually happening today. Acquire, assimilate, devour.

Weekend guest

We had an unexpected guest this weekend. Driving down Sand Blvd. after picking up some food for dinner Saturday, a small dog darted across the street in front of me. I turned off to follow and see if there was a sign of his owner around, but he was on his own. He did have a small leash dangling behind him and a collar, but no tags. A passerby and I got him into my car and I took the small dog home. He was nervous, and Augie was pretty worked up about the guest, but they sniffed and got on just fine. Little puppy dog was a total sweetheart. I put notices on craigslist, the animal shelter, and Dove Lewis, and put some signs up around Sandy the next day, but didn’t hear anything.

We got pretty attached to the little guy, and finally saw an ad that his owner placed on craigslist. So I called him, and he came and picked Pumpkin up. Decent fellow, they were happy to be reunited. So Pumpkin, cheers, and Augie is missing you.

Alameda East Village Amber

The Alameda Brewhouse has released their ales in bottles to ease general consumption. Which is really nice because that way I don’t have to actually go to their brewhouse to enjoy their tasty beers.

The brewhouse is a family-friendly joint on NE Fremont in Portland. Sometimes a bit too family-friendly for my taste, a fact that may change someday, but its foundation remains solid so far.

The East Village Amber pours a thick but temporary head out of the bottle. Photos seconds aparts looked showed a dramatic difference in thickness, like time lapsed flowers opening. The beer is amber-hued and lightly clouded.

This beer is extremely drinkable. Its body is fairly light, and exhibits almost no stickiness. After passing my tongue, the flavor disipates quickly, leaving a light hint of lemon that makes my mouth water. The amber malt is the primary scent and flavor, but there is definately a fair hop presence. It might be just a bit sweet, but it works really well.

Overall, this is a really tasty beer. Well-flavored, not over the top, and easily consumed for a broad audience.

Timbers 4, Toronto 1

Woohoo! Great game tonite, beautiful day. The Timbers faced MLS’s Toronto in a post-season friendly, and what fun it was.

The Moist crew showed up in force, and the Army was bitchin tonite…they were loud. The beginning of the game was distressing, as Toronto looked to be outclassing the Timbers pretty well. But the defense was solid, and Timbers snapped a sweet goal chipping the Toronto keeper to open it up.

Within a minute, it was 2-0 with an excellent looping shot far post. Toronto got on the board shortly after with a blast off a deflected shot, bounce off the crossbar. At the end of the half, the Timbers caught Toronto’s keeper way out of position and passed the ball in. The second half was exciting as well, with a single shot penetrating Toronto’s defense, for a 4-1 final. Awesome match. Bring MLS to Portland.