Alameda East Village Amber

The Alameda Brewhouse has released their ales in bottles to ease general consumption. Which is really nice because that way I don’t have to actually go to their brewhouse to enjoy their tasty beers.

The brewhouse is a family-friendly joint on NE Fremont in Portland. Sometimes a bit too family-friendly for my taste, a fact that may change someday, but its foundation remains solid so far.

The East Village Amber pours a thick but temporary head out of the bottle. Photos seconds aparts looked showed a dramatic difference in thickness, like time lapsed flowers opening. The beer is amber-hued and lightly clouded.

This beer is extremely drinkable. Its body is fairly light, and exhibits almost no stickiness. After passing my tongue, the flavor disipates quickly, leaving a light hint of lemon that makes my mouth water. The amber malt is the primary scent and flavor, but there is definately a fair hop presence. It might be just a bit sweet, but it works really well.

Overall, this is a really tasty beer. Well-flavored, not over the top, and easily consumed for a broad audience.