Weekend guest

We had an unexpected guest this weekend. Driving down Sand Blvd. after picking up some food for dinner Saturday, a small dog darted across the street in front of me. I turned off to follow and see if there was a sign of his owner around, but he was on his own. He did have a small leash dangling behind him and a collar, but no tags. A passerby and I got him into my car and I took the small dog home. He was nervous, and Augie was pretty worked up about the guest, but they sniffed and got on just fine. Little puppy dog was a total sweetheart. I put notices on craigslist, the animal shelter, and Dove Lewis, and put some signs up around Sandy the next day, but didn’t hear anything.

We got pretty attached to the little guy, and finally saw an ad that his owner placed on craigslist. So I called him, and he came and picked Pumpkin up. Decent fellow, they were happy to be reunited. So Pumpkin, cheers, and Augie is missing you.