Alaskan Amber

Alaskan Amber is an easy-drinking amber that tastes good. Light on hops, and full of sweet malt without being sticky or thin, this gorgeous amber-hued nectar is a pleasure. The head pours thin but full and dissipates quickly, but the body remains consistent.

I wouldn’t call Alaskan Amber spectacular, it isn’t riddled with layers of flavor or surprising subtlety, but it is a fantastic go-to beer. Which is nice because I often find it at pubs and pizza joints as the only non-Bud, non-Hef offering on draught. And it does go well with pizza.

The bottle and the website refer to Alaskan Amber as an alt. As an example of an alt, it seems to diverge fairly significantly from the classic alts, but doesn’t defy the mold. I suppose that why they call it an amber, of the alt style. Alaskan Amber is well-balance, drinks well, and doesn’t linger on the tongue with bitterness.