Not not caring about Iowa anymore

Personally I don’t really give a crap about who Iowans think should be president. I know one or two people from there, but that’s as far as it goes. But man, did they just hammer some hork into the republican gameplan. Romney just got hosed by Huckabee, and Giuliananinaniani didn’t even show. A couple other dudes got some votes. I missed Ron Paul, who despite my serious issues with libertarians (in brief I believe it’s a great philosophy for an ideal world) is better than all the others. Except maybe McCain, and that’s because he didn’t suck so much a few years ago.

As far as the Democrats, I dig Kucinich. Too bad he didn’t really show. I’ll sign the petition and support and vote. He’s the most real dude out there and he has my vote any day.

But. Seriously, I have faith in all three of the front-runners. Obama is charismatic and idealistic, full of energy, and new. Of the likely’s he’s my pick. I get chills when he’s on. Really, he could be a great man. And I’d love to see Kucinich at his side, or the other way around.

Hillary has pissed me off a lot. She stands when she should sit and sits when she should stand. She’s been playing the game, and I was angry with her for a long time, for underperforming. But it’s true. She is a politician. She is doing that political crap, playing the game blah blah. And I think her endgame is to kick ass for our country, and for the people who live here. She may be power-hungry, I don’t care and I don’t know, but if she is, her power is the power of the people. I’m down.

Edwards. A bit curious. He hasn’t played it up too well. He hasn’t generated excitement. I don’t know. I can’t say anything I feel strongly, because I just don’t know that much…but I think his heart’s in the right place, he’s a sharp dude, and he’ll work hard. Funny thing is, if that’s what’s important, I can think of a president who is entirely lacking in all three of those.

So, Iowa happened. I really didn’t care. But then I browsed the results, and all I could see was some elephants trying to backpedal. Because the running as a social conservative alone isn’t enough to win.

  • VeganFabulous

    I just hope that Iowa isn’t representative of the rest of the country’s ideological beliefs. George Bush is bad enough but to have someone nominated president that is a self-proclaimed evangelical scares the sh*t out of me.

  • Dave

    I hear ya!

    Just decide on someone already and let me vote against the Bush clone come November!

  • VeganFabulous

    I know most everyone loves Obama but I was very pleased with Hillary winning last night. I really feel she has it! Also, good news with McCain. Out of all the Rep’s he is the one I fear the least being in control.