Note to self: organic brewfest

The North American Organic Brewers Festival is this weekend, beginning tomorrow at 3pm. I had a great time last year, but I generally go to these events early and leave early. This is one of my favorites.

I’m surprised that they picked this weekend since at least one of the organizers is a huge soccer fan and the Euro cup final is Sunday. His boys aren’t in it this time around, though Spain vs Germany should be a pretty awesome match. Both teams play to win.

  • flo

    you are right germany is in the final.did you see the game against the turks?that is soccer at its worst and best at the same time.crazy game from us with shitty play almost the whole game but the goals were all nice.did you have picture dropout as well?

  • Ojingo

    the lucky lab super dog was amazing. i kept expecting to see you there. we showed up late with meant there was more shade under the one big tree in overlook park. i’ll drag you with a streaming soccer video on a handheld pc or somehing next year. missing craft beer fest for soccer. shameful.

  • Clarityx

    Can I use this info on my blog using the direct link to your blog? Thanks in advance