Okay, this is one of the coolest tools I’ve come across in awhile. Still trying to see how well it integrates into my workflow tendencies, but I’m really hoping that it does. Because it’s pretty awesome.

TiddlyWiki is a wiki/blog that exists completely inside of a single file. It’s all DHTML and such, so it requires no server-side processing to work. What that means is you can just save the file to your computer, and open it in your browser, and it works.

All of your info. It’s in that one file. Configuration. In that file. Or cookies in your browser. So backup is simple. You can run it anywhere. It’s super-easy to setup. Couldn’t be easier: Go to the TiddlyWiki site go to the post that says download, right-click the link where it says to and save it to your desktop (or wherever you’ll find it). Then just go the your browser’s File menu and have it open that file. There are a few simple things to do to configure it, but it walks you through them, and you can live without it anyways.

That easy! Or instead of your desktop, save it to a thumb drive. Take your wiki anywhere! (Please make backups)

In addition to TiddlyWiki, a bunch of people have created mods and themes for it. And then there’s a site called tiddlyspot that hosts a few modded TiddlyWikis (I’m playing with MonkeyGTD now…a fancy free GTD implementation). With that you can have your wiki online, then whenever you’re going offline just save that file. Then synch up next time you’re on.

Check it out, it’s really pretty amazing.

  • http://philwhitehouse.blogspot.com Phil Whitehouse

    Hi Rick, glad to see you’re liking TiddlyWiki! I work with the creator of TiddlyWiki, Jeremy Ruston – in fact our team uses TiddlyWiki all the time. We’re a small team – 12 people – that makes up the open source innovation arm of BT, a big friendly British Telco, and you can see our website (a TiddlyWiki file!) here: http://www.osmosoft.com.

    Anyways, myself and Jeremy will be in Portland with one of our colleagues from 22-25 July attending OSCon 2008 (big open source conference), and are trying to organise an informal TiddlyWiki meetup in Portland, probably on Wednesday 23rd. Location: a good bar downtown. Not sure which one yet. Might just be five of us, but anyway! Let me know if you’re interested in coming along, hopefully you can see my Osmosoft email address, and if not you can get our contact details through the website.

    And you’ll almost certainly see us at the beer festival too..

    All the best,