Harrowing times in Peru

My Minnesota buddy Don had a crazy time in Peru…read the tale of his questionable guide Roberto Penny Cabrera (Desert Man of Ica) as they defied death in the desert. He has a few gorgeous photos to help capture their experience as the drunken guide barreled through the dunes to show them a lone skeleton, send them on their way to explore alone, and rescue a hapless cyclist traveling the desert.

UPDATE: ummm…I’m a dork and didn’t put the link in. It’s here now.

  • http://www.polymerstudios.com/blog Don Ball

    Rick, thanks for the mention. I can’t see a link above (prolly an issue with my OS/browser), so here’s where folks can find the full story. http://polymerstudios.com/blog/2008/07/27/high-terror-in-the-high-desert/

    Again, thanks!

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  • Anonymous

    wondering why the original post is no longer available?

  • rick

    not sure. I didn’t see it on the Polymer Studios site when I searched.