We’ll miss you Kali

Kali, one of my favorite pups in the whole world passed on this morning. She was always so sweet, and just wanted to be loved as much as she loved you. A great personality, she’ll be in my heart. And my love goes out to ACUC, I can only imagine how you are hurting today. Here’s my effort to help you celebrate her.

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And this video I came across just tugged at my hearstrings…it’s not Kali, but I think you get it.

Greeted after 14 months in Iraq

Back when I was near-homeless my aunt and uncle took me and and I got to live in their basement. Kali was a great friend then, I’d let her come into my room, and she’d lie next to me while I sat on the computer until four in the morning. Or she’d hang out on my matress and I’d scratch her ears. She was a great friend.


  • acuc

    Rick, Nedra, and Augie,

    We cannot fully express the appreciation we feel for your Kali Tribute! Our treasured Kali is now resting in our yard between three huge pine trees. She is close to the river. Rick, the hurt is profound, but our grieving is mitigated by the love you have shared. We sure do miss our “Kali Girl” but know that she is no longer suffering and it was right that she let go.
    AC was at Kali's side at 3:00 this morning when she took her last breath. We sat with Kali until the sun came up. We mostly cried as we held one another. We felt sure that Kali felt our love as we huddled together in our loss. You captured what was best about Kali. She just wanted to be loved and returned the love she received ten-fold. AC has collected pictures of Kali from when we first got her until very recently. She has been part of our family for some twelve years and remains with us in spirit. It will take some time for us to adjust to not having our Kali Girl around, but with the love and support of you guys we are sustained.

    Our Love, Peace, and Blessings,