You May Have Heard (Email Campaign)

Date: 10/19/2008

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for president (of the United States). Personally, I think this is huge. A Republican who has always provided a steady, well-reasoned approach, he is widely respected on both sides of the aisle.

But this is more than “a rightie supports Obama.” This is support from a figure broadly and recently well-regarded in national defense.

“As gifted as he is, he is essentially going to execute the Republican agenda, the orthodoxy of the Republican agenda, with a new face and a maverick approach to it, and he’d be quite good at it,” Mr. Powell said. “But I think we need a generational change.” – Colin Powell

Hopefully this helps to dispel any doubts about Obama’s ability to lead, the untrue accusations about his relationships, and his ability to handle our diverse wars.

The linked article is brief and interesting.