Is this poison oak?

I am terrible at identifying plants, yet at the same time I’m really susceptible to poison oak. For some reason, it is very difficult to find a decent image of the toxic weed. Guidebooks all have the same line drawing as can be found at trailheads. Pics on the internet are obscure and frequently hidden behind broken links.

So I found a plant I think might be poison oak. Can somebody please confirm?

Is this poison oak?
Is this poison oak?

thanks! I didn’t want to get any closer for fear of getting the aerial wrath of this f%*ker.

  • Sherry

    Ricky…..I think this site is an excellent one. Lots of information and actual pics and good descriptions. Let me know what you think.


  • m8ryx

    the site seems focused on the poison ivy, but I did find a poison oak shot in there that looks a lot like the one shot. thanks!

  • Leona

    This is the poison oak we just saw last weekend when we were hiking. I got it and it didn't show up for 3 days.

  • Mike

    No Rick, it's not. Poison Oak has scalloped edge, compound leaves with three leaflets that are generally red around the edges. The growth habit is about the same though.

  • Slingshot RPM

    Yes I agree, but still don't try to eat that just to be sure.

  • Traveller_Adventure

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  • Hampers

    If you're not sure, never touch any vegetation at all. This is your precautionary measure, just look at it from afar to shun any untoward circumstance.

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    Poison oaks often seen in open areas under full sunlight, well the Leaves of this plant is normally consist of three leaflets with the stalk of the central leaflet being longer than those of the other two, so based on that description you had posted a photo of a poison oak