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Just a dude drinking beer and occasionally talking about it here in America’s beer paradise, Portland, OR.

I particularly like pale ales, bitters, and what I term West Coast Browns. Occasionally I brew. The beer comes out good most of the time. I’ve also been into sourdough bread baking lately.

These are my musings. They don’t seem too focused, but I seem to prefer to ramble about beer, technology, food, portland, and politics. Feel free to drop a line or leave a comment.

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  1. broke my wrist last year, so it’s just a shot of me being dumb. Thanks on the SJ shot, I thought it came out pretty neat 😉

  2. Shakespearean Ode to Rick's Chimney Fire Hot Sauce

    Dare I speaketh with vibrant tongue?
    Ah yes, it must be so
    For upon
    and in
    My porcelain bowl
    A sea of chili rests
    Yea, rests
    Oh Rick's
    Oh Rick's
    Oh Rick's
    Chimney Fire Hot Sauce
    And the, alas
    It came to pass
    As AC shred away
    A crown of gold
    Did find its way
    Upon the chili
    Upon the chili
    Oh Rick's
    Oh Rick's
    Oh Rick's
    Chimney Fire Hot Sauce
    With trembling hand
    I raise, I raise the sanguine sauce
    With spoon nd
    Like the morning dew
    The droplets form upon the brew
    Ah, next
    My taste buds change forevermore (A little Poe has come to fore)
    As Rick's
    As Rick's
    As Rick's Chimney Fire Hot Sauce
    Is not you see
    To be or not to be
    For it became
    A part of me

    By UC

  3. Rick, hi, it’s Cindy, JoAnne’s Mom. I enjoyed reading your review of the toxic sludge. along with Blue Point’s 10th anniversary, it’s definitly one of my favorites. loved the picture of you and Ryan in the t-shirts, My best to the family, Happy new year!

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