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site upgrade

yep. I did it. WordPress had a new major upgrade, and I did it. It was easy. Amazingly smooth. In particular I’d setup the database in an old b2 installation manner that I concocted to have multiple blogs on the same domain, and that has been a pain in the instalASStion process for a long time…I modified my table names (after backups) and all came out alright. I also spent eight minutes and threw together the banner and the mod of a much nicer“>theme that I’ll probably remove the credit for and give it back to the ole WordPress people (thanks Matt! and the many others!). Rock ‘n roll.


been super busy at work lately. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking beer, just been taking in the waning summer too much lately to write about it. I haven’t even brewed in awhile. Go Timbers.

We’re #1

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve achieved one of my longterm goals in life a little early! Go to Google and enter beer drinker OR beerdrinker.

You can expect news of other great accomplishments in upcoming posts.

simple and slackin

added two new Oregon links: simple subjects and Slacker Manager. The first is just about a guy and/or his family living a low-impact lifestyle (environmentally speaking) and has some thoughtful words. The second is a guy with a job writing about it the way he knows. Seems pretty sharp. He also wrote this nifty manifesto, Slacker @Work.


sorry about the hiatus. Been way quiet lately, even though I have a few good things to post. Partly busy, partly trying to lessen computer/rick time, partly just beaten down dealing with all the frickin blog spam.

New Blogs

Came across a coupla cool blogs through Sun. Jonathan Scwartz is COO there and says lots of smart things. The DivaBlog is an open source advocate at Sun as well.

Voter Perspective

A perhaps depressing, perhaps enlightening article in the New Yorker on the Unpolitical Animal: we. The people. It discusses a number of ideas that I’d been kicking around for awhile, and introduced a lot of new ones to me as well. There are a few fantastic quotes in there as well.

He’s coming!

That’s right. Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to town. He will be accompanied by Jon Bon Jovi and some guy named John Kerry. I’m sure it’ll be a good time…remember, you need a ticket, but it’s free and all you have to do it print it out. Props P Stew for the link.

the skinny

We learn how it wentwith getting Condi “Tank” Rice on the stand over at Zeros and Ones.


Well, my buddy abrichar finally got her own blog up. It’s quirky, quaint, lifelog and linkroll, with a fab colour scheme. So I probably won’t get to rip the links she sends me nearly as much since she’s got them up herself. cheers.

genfoods bye-bye

So long to one of my favorite linking blogs…genfoods. Iggy, drop a line if you get back on it. Oh, and I’ve been dying to know if that’s your car with the GEN FOO license plate.


hi, one of those busy weeks, and the sun is shining, and we just got the Sopranos second season from the library, and blah blah blah, so light on the posts, sorry. That and I’m trying to be a little lighter on the political…kinda busted at the seams on the gay marriage thing. Oh, and none of the autonomous vehicles got very far…the Red Team got the furthest in the least time…though I’m not sure if it was the furthest…because it was just down to miles. But anyway, far as I know they hit an ‘object’ and burst into flames. Kudos to all teams, it takes a lot of work to simulate a ******** (insert stereotype of place or gender) driver. Here’s the standings, I think it’s a lot better than it sounds, but try telling that to the teams.

Welcome Silt

Adding Silt to my list (under altblogospheres) who is an ex-Oregonian. Referred to my views on Measure 30 as a nihilistic rant, which I particularly enjoyed ;)

Issues and Reals

Zeros and Ones has an interesting post discussing the differences between real and issue candidates, that also has an interesting Dean perspective (just a wee bit outdated from my side, but short and good).

more backer

whew. Stupid newline. One blank line after the closing bracket in a file and the whole thing blows up. Well, all should be alright now. Yay. Please drop a line if you notice any problems.


Oh, it’s so nice to have my old look and feel back. Finally, I found both the time and the motivation to fix it. Coupla changes, but nothing big. There’s probably a hundred broken parts in the background and this post will corrupt my whole db. Life goes on.

Robot friends

Finally got around to adding Little Lost Robot to my list ‘o blogs. Check it out, another Oregon/PDX blog, and a lotta fun stuff. woohoo!

Chickens and Hawks

The headlines today are all touting how Bush is backing off the weapons claims. It’s appalling. Does nobody remember his claims last year, as if he’d seen them with his own eyes? Amazing. He’s now saying that we went to war because Saddam was a bad man. Once again, I’m down with that…Saddam is a bad man who was bad for his country and the world may well be better without him. But the preemption doctrine was a bad stone to turn, and history will not be kind to Bush, and probably the United States as a whole. I am curious to see the studies…and in 2003 the United States, through courage and tenacity, was able to conquer an inferior and nonagressive foe. Don’t get me wrong, Saddam was a bad man, and if prezzo had pursued even a modicum of diplomacy in solving the problem like get the UN behind this instead of declaring it a useless and antiquated organization, getting our allies behind us instead of alienating them, and allowing the weapons inspectors to continue what they were doing instead of claiming that they were being stone-walled.

So, what’s come to mind is this whole chicken/beef/asia thing, with them banning US products at the first hint of trouble. I guess it’s the only way to strike back, to express their displeasure. Civil Disobedience, vote with dollars, money where your mouth is, all that biz. That and the fact that prezzo is for all industries regulating themselves, which is horse manure. What do we expect them to do. It’s the proverbial middle finger. And we deserve it…the whole world will have theirs up if prezzo is reelected.

Halford Wants It

via rayray…Dio for America. As a bit of a rocker type myself, I am fond of Dio and see him as a breath of fresh air for the Party of his choice. From his brilliant performances with Sabbath to Holy Diver and beyond (to where…?) I’m with you man, I’ll ride in that van.

new years

happy new year everyone! It’s started off with a bang, making up stuff after the ole freeze, and xmas, and all, so the beerdrinier’s in, drinking beer even, but shuffling through the madness makes for light bloggyness.