Bigtime rollout

After quite a bit of work I’ve got a new version of ready to rock. Some of the new features are pretty obvious…a new banner and some random photos. But there are other new features. I’ve included a feed of my latest ficlets so at least you can tell I haven’t been slacking too much if I haven’t been posting. Then there’s the beer grab bag on the right, so if you’re ever thirsty and not sure what to consume, just checkout that doodad and let you thirst be forever quenched. Then there’s a bunch of new stuff under the hood. WordPress 2.3, some tagging tools, pretty permalinks (I was a bit late on that adoption), and more.

So, I’d love to hear what you think of the new look and other features. If something doesn’t look right or is just plain broken, or if you think something’s really cool. I’ve done a ton of (simple) customizing on the theme and I’m happy to share.

And thanks for the callout, Jack…I can only hope that y’all visited when I wasn’t busy breaking it.