Facebook vs. Myspace

I’m completely aware that Facebook is pretty handily kicking the figurative ass of Myspace. I am pretty excited about this, because I’ve never been a fan of Myspace as a social networking site. I’ve enjoyed visiting band sites, and I managed to connect with a few people there.

On the other hand, I love Facebook. I talk about Facebook. I advocate its use, and might occasionally be obnoxious about it. But the conversations are interesting.

While interesting, they usually boil down to a few fairly standard themes. This is my favorite: “I didn’t get much out of Myspace, why should I bother with Facebook?” And that’s what I’m going to get obnoxious about in this post.

The word social sucks. Almost as much as the word sucks does. It is as overloaded as web2.0. Because Myspace and Facebook are both social does not mean they are the same. The difference is simple.

Myspace is a vanity site, while Facebook is about relationships and interactions

That’s the major difference. In Myspace, people collect friends. In Facebook, you establish relationships. There’s a trust relationship. Partly due to the amount of information that you provide in your profile. But most of it is in the consensual nature of friendships.

In Myspace, users are free to break (I mean design) their pages as they see fit. Boxes and blinks and blasting bass. Truly annoying and totally broken pages. And relationships are limited to writing to a person’s page or send a personal message.

On the other hand, in Facebook, the information of your established friends rolls past. Like life, you can miss a lot and still distill some quality. In Facebook, you aren’t talking about yourself, you’re sharing your story. And you’re inviting others to contribute and share.

Of course, there are those who say they “Just don’t do social sites.” That’s another article. But in the meantime, just tell them, “You will.”

7 Replies to “Facebook vs. Myspace”

  1. I totally agree. On Myspace you have to visit each persons page seperately to see what they're up to. On Facebook, you can see all your friends post in one central location “your home page”, without the need to open up 30 different windows. I also like the simplicity of the pages, no loud music, no outrages backgrounds that interfere with you being able to see what has been written. I totally agree Myspace is a vanity site and Facebook is truly about friends and family connecting. I've found no one on Myspace, but found 10 relatives on Facebook that I had lost contact with for over 20 years and found my entire high school class. Facebook is the site to be on!

  2. hey Great post !!!!!!!!! I use facebook a lot. It helps me to stay connected with both my current frnds and old frnds. but i didn't use Myspace before. so i don't know how does it work! Infact i don't want to try it as i m fully satisfied with facebook. CHEERS TO FB!!!

  3. Great post and very well worded. I liked the simple definition of their differences; vanity vs actual interaction and relationships

  4. Your post reminded me that I hadn't checked my mycpace account for like 2 years so I went and checked it out and you are right it sucked.

  5. i'd say the two sites are just different, with entirely different purposes: you are comparing apples and oranges. i use facebook to network, establish friendships, and interact with people. to give them a more “personal” look at myself, i direct them to myspace, which is exactly what the name suggests: MY SPACE. nobody makes a “facebook page” for their band; all facebook pages look the same.
    you can customize yourself on myspace; not on facebook. hence, i often have two tabs open. if you prefer one over the other, that's your preference. and i wouldn't say facebook is kicking the ass out of myspace at all; to you, maybe, and the 5 other commenters here. lol

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